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About the Artists

David Maxwell  (1906 - 1976)

David was an engineer & designer by trade.  He trained in the auto industry during the 20's & 30's on the design of Talbot motor cars, before moving into aerospace design where he was involved with the development of the famous Harrier VTOL aircraft.
As an artist he worked in a variety of mediums but is probably best known for his oils.
He was a member of the West of England Academy, located in Bristol, where many of his works were exhibited.
David had work selected & exhibited at the Royal Academy during his lifetime.

Dora Smart  (19?? - 1995)

Dora was an artist and traveller, but also a wife and mother.  When not travelling the world she spent her life creating. Whether painting in oils, improving furnishings or dress making she went about her activities with passion & confidence.

Mary Maxwell  (1911 - 1995)

Mary, Davids second wife, a warm and down to earth artist, worked alongside David in their home & studio on the top floor of Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol for many years.  She worked mainly in oils & water colours.  Mary particuarly liked to capture flowers & plants in her paintings.
She was also a member of the West of England Academy & many of her works were exhibited there.
She outlived David by 19 years & remained kind and dignified until the end of her life.